My leaving party

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Forever home

So they say the paperwork is signed, sealed and filed away. No going back now, I am officially part of an awesome family, with awesome parents, an awesome house, a awesome garden, AWESOME!! Yes, as you can tell I am a happy boy right now and so grateful that I was picked to join such a loving home.

Last week my old friends at WARS held a leaving party for me. There was tea, cake and lots of my 2 and 4 legged friends. To be honest I was more interested in playing with my football and keeping track of where my parents were, oh a peeing on everything. Well it was my party and I can pee where I want to! Ha…get it 😉

But on a serious note, thank you everyone who has supported me, cuddled me, trained me and walked me over the past 18 months. I could not have found my new home without each and everyone of you. Of course my overwhelming cuteness and general awesomeness (have I mentioned before how awesome I am?) helped no end in finding my new home. I have learnt so much since going into a home and it makes me so happy when people say what a good boy I am and how I have developed.

I will miss my friends at WARS especially Carolina, Ned and Jenny, who have been so caring towards me, even in my mischievous times. The list is endless of all the people who have helped me and cared for me, I love each and everyone of you from the tip of my nose to the end of my waggy tail, and all the puppy fat in between. But I could not be happier with the home I have found.

Thanks you, I’m off to go work on my tan in my garden with my family….YAY!

Best news EVER!!

Oh my, I’m so sorry, I have been neglecting my duties of updating you all with my progress, I do apologise but I have been a busy boy and just haven’t been able to fit you in my diary.

So whats been going on? Well my foster carers had lots of time off in March so I spent loads of time with them which was amazing. They love me so much and say what a good boy I am. One of my old friends from WARS met up with us and showed us a nice walk where there are very few people and dogs around. It was fantastic as I have always loved the walk and was so nice to see Jenny again, she will always been my WARS mum.

Since then G + R have taken me on this walks lots which is great. After one walk we popped into WARS to see Claire and they were all talking about me and how well I was doing. To be honest I was very sleepy and a little bored, I just sat on R’s lap and struggled to keep my eyes open. But apparently it was a very important conversation and everyone was saying such nice things about me and how I was doing.

Sadly G + R had to return to work….boring, but I guess they have to pay for my treats somehow. So after all the work that they and Zoe had done it was time to spend the day with my new Nan (can I call her that, would she mind??hmmmm) Anyway I spent the day at her house with Niro (BFF) and Bertie (2nd BFF). What fun, all day running around, playing, having the best fun ever possible. I think Nan (yeah, I think we are in that place where I can call her Nan), was tired after all the fun but I am sure she secretly enjoyed it.

So G was in conatct with Claire and now, drum roll please…..

I AM ABOUT TO BE REHOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How utterly awesome is that!!?? It’s just the best news ever in the history of human and doggy kind on this earth. EVER!!

They say we are having a going away party soon so all my friends can come along and say good bye. It will be sad and everyone will need a tissue handy but I am so happy, I could not wish for better parents.

Thank you to everyone for the support, you are all awesome, not as awesome as me, but still awesome.

Oh and this is me on my new throne platform thingy in the garden, sunning myself 🙂WhatsApp Image 2017-03-14 at 15.23.22

Loving Life

Hey everyone. Boy have I been busy, my lovely foster family have been on holiday for the past week or so, I have spending sooo much time with them and I just love it!! We have been going on lots of walks and we met up last week with one of my bestest friends Jenny, who used to walk me all the time. We went for a really nice walk together and she showed my foster parents a walk I use to do every day. Was so nice.

I had a bit of an upset belly though, I will spare you details. So we had to cut the walk a little short. But on the way home we popped into see another old friend Claire at WARS. She was really pleased to see me and said I looked like I had lost some weight. Oh yes the waist line is shrinking and the puppy chub going 🙂

We had a really nice chat with Claire and G and R were saying how much they cared about me. I didn’t catch all they said, to be honest I was sat on R’s lap trying to keep my eyes open. A boy needs his beauty sleep.

I’m still doing my training with Zoe and meeting lots of new dogs. I just love making all the new friends. Lot’s of buddies to rough and tumble with and lots of bums to sniff. I’m still seeing my new BFF Niro from time to time, of how I love him, he is my little buddy.

That’s all for now folks, will return soon with more updates and photos of my gorgeous self 🙂


Holiday time

This week I have had such a fun time. My fosters carers G and R are on holiday so I am spending lots and lots of time with them, which i just LOVE! They are so nice a caring to me, taking the time to help me learn and socialise, I couldn’t wish to spend time with more lovely people.

I have spent some more time with my new BFF Niro this week to. I’m told, because G and R have to work to pay for all my treats, I will need to spend the odd  day or 2 a week with Niro and him mum. So they say I need to get to know him and his family. Great,  fine by me, Niro rocks. He loves to play and have some ruff and tumble, such fun. I think it can be a bit much for the humans but I do love to play, especially now I am making new friends.

I am staying with G and R till the end of the month now, it’s like a proper holiday for me and I am so grateful. I do miss my friends at WARS but they say what a lucky boy I am to be spending time in a home, being part of the best family in the world.


Play time with 2 new friends

Life is so fun at the moment. I have been having lots of training sessions and last week I went to another kennels to do some more socialisation with other dogs.

My lovely foster carers took me to the kennels where we met up with Zoe from Bark. I love Zoe, whenever I see her and I am with my foster parents, there is always fun to be had. Mind you its not all fun and game, they do make me think and use my brain. I am always told I am super clever and learn fast, so whatever they throw at me,!!

When I was at the kennels I did some walks with these other dogs, I forget there names, I can learn things fast but names, whoosh they go out of my head. Anyway we had some walks and they said I needed to keep my muzzle on, just in case I got over excited with my new friends. That’s fine, I don’t really mind, but you will see in the video below, it can be a little distracting. But, I always do what they say and keep it on.

Once we had some walks they let me off lead with the other two. FUN!! Oh they joy, I have never mixed with 2 dogs at the same time before. Sensory overload but I just loved it. Everyone said what a good boy I was and a little star. I do like to please my human friends and will do anything to make them happy.

I had a chat with a horse to, well more of a shout as he was watching me and I didn’t appreciate it. But I was told I was not to do this as could scare the big horsey which is not good. They told me I need to learn to focus on them when I see one again, I’m sure I will learn that soon enough.

Ta ta for now, I’m off for a sit on my foster carers lap.


I had a visit last week from the lovely Zoe at Bark LTD. She came to WARS with my new friends G + R, to help me make a new friend. His name is Niro and he is a little curly haired dude.

They said it was important that I made friends with him as there maybe some days, if I go to a home, when I have to stay with him and his humans.  I can get a little excited when meeting new dogs. The staff at WARS have really helped me to understand that I can’t just barrel into a meeting with another dog, as this is not good manners. Fair point really.

So they brought little Niro to the shelter to meet me and everyone asked that I be on my best behaviour. Zoe suggested we start simple, I laugh in the face of simple, but I went with it anyway. We walked around the site together. We didn’t get to close as  they said that me and Niro needed to get used to being near each other before we get to close. We walked for 20 minutes or so I think, I don’t know I lost count, how many pees can you fit into 20 minutes?? Anyway, I digress, after 11 pees, I mean 20 minutes, they let me do the best thing EVER, I sniffed Niro’s bum….tee hee! Oh the joy that was and he didn’t mind at all, what a cool guy this Niro is. Everyone seemed pleased that this had happened, I didn’t know humans could get so excited over such a thing, do they do this too? Once they had calmed a little we continued to walk together round the site for a little while but we were walking much closer. I kept looking at Niro to make sure my new friend was ok. He had never been to WARS before I there are so many smells it can be a little overwhelming, but he was cool, a cool dude.

Soon after Zoe suggested we go into the play pen and have a play…FUN! They took us in and took away all the toys, shame as my favourite football is usually in there, or is it in my kennel? hmmmm. Anyway they put my muzzle on, telling me as I get over excited I was to wear this, that’s fine, I don’t mind wearing it, it gives me a chance to do my best Hannibal impression, trust me it’s good. Then they let us off. Oh it was such fun, I was showing Niro round the play pen and our other friend R was also there. I wanted to keep saying hello to R but Niro kept chasing me away, it was like a game of Chase, which I love! We really did have such  fun.

They recorded our play time and you can see it below. I am seeing Zoe again this week, we are going to another kennels so I can hopefully meet some more dogs. Phew, I really do have a busy social life at the moment. I think I need to go and lie down.

During training, I must focus

So my training has started up again this week, so exciting. I just love to use my brain and everyone says what a clever boy I am. Last week Zoe from Bark LTD came to see me at my foster parents home. We have been working on keeping my focus, so I don’t get distracted by what is going on around me. I love it. I watch them all the time and come back to them when they want me to, because I get lots of fuss and a yummy treat. I’m told I have lots more sessions coming up and I can’t wait.